New Impaired Driving Laws: What You Need to Know

Effective December 18th, 2018, Parliament introduced new impaired driving laws (Bill C-46) bringing sweeping changes to the existing law and its enforcement. The Act contains numerous amendments to the Criminal Code, however there are two changes that stand out. The … Read More

Drug Offences

There are five main types of drug related offences.  Possession Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Trafficking Production Importing.  The penalties associated with each of these charges will vary depending on the type and the amount of the drug involved. … Read More

Carson Hurley

Carson Hurley Carson Hurley is  a Criminal Lawyer and the founder of Hurley Criminal Defence. Mr. Hurley is a dedicated and passionate advocate, who is  committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each one of his clients. Throughout his career Carson has always maintained a … Read More


Most people are surprised to learn that threats of violence can actually carry criminal consequences. Section 264.1 of the Criminal Code outlines the offence of Utter Threat. Under this section it is an offence to knowingly threaten to cause death … Read More


Theft, like many other property related crimes, is separated into two categories depending on whether the value of the property was under or over $5,000.  In order to establish the offence, the Crown must prove that the Accused took the … Read More

Sexual Assault

The Criminal Code broadly defines assault as the intentional infliction of bodily harm without consent. This definition also applies to sexual assault, with the additional elements of “sexual touching”, and that the assault has been of a “sexual nature”. As with … Read More


In order to establish the offence of Mischief, the Crown must prove that the Accused wilfully destroyed, or otherwise rendered useless or obstructed the use of, another person’s property. Like many other property related crimes, it is separated into two … Read More

Impaired Driving

Being found guilty of Impaired Driving can lead to several life impacting consequences, including a criminal record, and time in jail. The possible loss of your license may affect your ability to get to work and earn income, to manage … Read More

Criminal Harassment

There are four types of actions that can meet the criteria for Criminal Harassment. Repeatedly following a person Repeatedly communicating with a person Besetting or watching any place where you know a specific person to be, or Engaging in threatening … Read More

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